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** NEW to Whitewater Awards for 2020 and BEYOND – inspired by the rapidly and insanely sick evolving world of film, we realized we needed a category for the talented motion photographers who not only pack their gear into these wet and hard to get reach locations, they are talented at their craft. From the moment their camera starts rolling until the moment it stops, this is to celebrate the best single shot.

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Celebrating the talented motion photographers, those contributing to the story telling.
This is the perfect shot, the perfect series of frames running in an uninterrupted period of time.

Winner | Raphael Boudreault-Simard

Rider | Dane Jackson
Feature | First Decent, Salto Del Maule, Chile

Whitewater Awards: Where you from and where you living these days?
Raphael Boudreault-Simard
: I grew up in Quebexico and have been living in Squamish, BC for a few years already. So. Freaking. Prime. Here.

WA: We’re fortunate enough to know you personally and know that you’re not just an epic filmmaker, you’re a SHRED DOG at your core! Give everyone a quick rundown of all the sports you take part in.. what’s your favorite one?
You know it! I’ve been loving the multishred lifestyle more than ever before. Nothing’s more powerful and deeper than paddling down whitewater. That being said I’ve also been having a blast whitewater paddle boarding, biking, surfing, skiing, snowmobiling and just recently paragliding. It’s all the same!!

WA: How did you get into drone flying / filming?
Filming came first and that started with my good buddy Emrick Blanchette around 2010 when we started documenting Quebec’s best creeks. Drones came into the story a few years later after a few shoulder dislocations. I was in a sling, couldn’t even lift up a camera to film and realized: I should just learn how to fly the camera instead. A few days later there was a drone controller in my sling and the rest is history. 

WA: How long have you been doing drone work? FPV?
It’s been 5 years since I first piloted a drone and just over a year since I started flying FPV drones. These little ninja FPV drones have really re-ignited the fire for flying and filming. 

WA: What’s your favorite way to film? Regular drone or FPV?
Great question! If I’m by myself on the joysticks, then FPV by far. However, if I have a solid camera operator framing the shot while I’m focusing on the bird, the sky is no longer the limit.. Ben Dann and I were on fire during the last edition of the NFC.

WA: How did this shot come to be?!
Funnily enough I nerded out hard on the computer drone simulator before even flying to Chile. I picked a map that had big crane, pretended that was the waterfall and worked on a few different shots that could work on Salto Maule. Fast forward to when we first got to the waterfall, I filmed the 3 shots I had in mind to show Dane and the crew. We all thought this one shot stood out and was also going to work with the various other camera angles. I must have watched that “blank” shot at least 100 times to really get a good feel of the timing I was going to need to fall in conjunction with Dane. Everything else unfolded as envisioned!

WA: How did you hear about this waterfall.. how long had you been planning it?!
Dane first got in touch with me about 5-6 weeks before the trip and showed me some pictures of this beauty right away. He knew I couldn’t resist.. 

WA: Favorite shot you’ve done?
This one for sure. Trent McCrerey and I were day dreaming about this shot years ago when we first saw how FPV drones could fly. Loving a shot to me is loving the whole story behind it. This Salto Maule shoot was incredibly inspiring in so many ways: An all time crew dynamic, great car chats with Dane and also having Lorenzo teaching us about his beloved country was the cherry on top. 

WA: Dream shot you’ve wanted to get and still haven’t.. or will we just have to pay attention and find out?!
Ohhh there are so many really! 360° cameras are changing the game so let’s just say I have a few more bunnies in my hat..  

WA: We see you’re blowing up in the filming world bro!!! All disciplines (at the highest level) of extreme sports are wanting Flow Motion Aerials to be a part of their team! Congrats! What discipline is your favorite to film? 
Though I have a soft spot for skiing and the mountains, filming kayaking takes the win. The people feel like family and I’ve got the River in my blood.

WA: Favorite person to shoot?
I’ve worked with so many inspiring and talented athletes, each bringing something special to the table. A few names that come to mind would be Dane Jackson, Benny Marr, Nouria Newman, Aniol Serrasolses, Kye Petersen and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa. All freaking legendary characters

WA: Favorite place to shoot?
There’s nothing like home.. Filming in the backyard feels really special every time. The more I spend time exploring and filming in British Columbia, the more I find to love. 

WA: Where is a place to see more of your work?
@flowmotionaerials on Instagram or www.flowmotionaerials.com

WA: Who’s someone on Instagram who you recommend a follow that fires you up! Someone who is wild / crazy / funny / cool that is a must follow!?
I’ve really been digging @cachebunny recently. I love the groove and wow she’s a talented and creative VFX artist. Props!

WA: Is flow motion aerials a one man show or do you work with someone else.. and if you’re solo who do you mostly work with?
Flow Motion Aerials began as a one man show but as of last year we have been blessed to have Erin Puckey as our production manager. She’s been holding it all together as I spend more and more time flying and doing research and development. We’re also lucky to have Liam Fournier, Jason Thompson and Chris Flynn stepping into the team occasionally. 

James Byrd

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