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Recognizing the safety skills required to push the limits of kayaking. These skills are the most important in the game, and are often invisible until they are needed the most. Whether on an expedition, during a first descent or on your backyard run – prioritize and sharpen your safety skills, they are invaluable.

This category is in recognition of these skills that are not always on display, but are so important when needed. Cheers to the silent heroes.

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We started Liquidlogic because we wanted to make great kayaks. It is, and has always been, that plain and that simple. We make boats that we want to paddle. We make kayaks that you ask us to design. We make kayaks that we are proud to send our friends to the river in. Through the years, that original goal has driven us to refine all aspects of what we do. It has inspired us to work towards becoming a great company that makes great boats.

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