Red Bull presents the 2019 Rider of the Year to Aniol Serrasolses[ESP] !!

Aniol was voted by his peers for his insane last season.. a few notable accolades:

- Grand Canyon Stikine solo run at both the hightest descent and fastest descent record.
- Invented a NEW Downriver Freestyle Trick - the Cobra Flip.
- First descent of La Leona falls on the Rio Claro.
- King of the North Fork Championship 2018
- Puesco Fest Champ 2018
- Futa XL Champ 2019
- King of the Salmon Champion 2018
- Started the Serrasolses Brothers Program Foundation with brother Gerd to teach children world wide to kayak who have few resources to learn to paddle, with 3 successful editions in Chile 2018, India 2018, Peru 2019. www.serrasolsesbrothersprogram.com

Aniol was also 2017 Rider of the Year.. he is as humble as he is badass. Give him a follow.. you'll be inspired !!

[o] Lachie Carracher

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Red Bull presents the 2019 Female Rider of the Year Nouria Newman [FRA] for the last 3 years RUNNING !!

Nouria is absolutely at the top of the game inspiring everyone with her talent and style down GNARLY whitewater. She is forging the way for the next generation and for all female paddlers across the globe.

Amongst many impressive feats, last year included several first decent expeditions with Team Picnic (herself, Ben Stookesberry & Erik Boomer) including:
- Box Canyon of the Tongue River - USA
- Big Goose Creek - USA
- Rio Ano Nuevo - Chile
- Rio Blanco of Aysen, the Cerro Castillo & Rio Engano - Chile
- Solo descent of 3 rivers in the Ladakh Region in India and the creation of the Ladakh Project with Red Bull Media House.
- Working with the Iran Canoe Federation to help teach children to kayak in Iran, as well as other parts of the world

This is not a complete list as Nouria has a strong history in a slalom boat and also rips in a freestyle kayak, extreme racing, and first decents & expeditions. She is an inspiring paddler to the best in the world!! Give her a follow and don't miss out watching her pushing the sport!

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Knox Hammock [USA] Palouse Falls, Palouse River, USA

Nouria Newman [FRA] 1st Descent of Tongue Bomb Falls, Tongue River , USA

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Jeremy Nash [USA] young Grom had a stand out year in the world of shredders under the age of 18! Check out his edit and be sure to follow Jeremy and watch him send it with the best of the best!

[O] Jeremy Allen 

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Erik Boomer [USA], Nouria Newman [FRA], and Ben Stookesberry [USA] pushed the envelope of steep Rocky Mountain Expedition Kayaking in the BigHorn Mountains of Wyoming with first descents of two of the Ranges largest drainages in Big Goose Creek and the mighty and long sought after Box Canyon of the Tongue River.

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"Tom has spent his career advocating for rivers and is one of the most effective advocates I know in any space. This year, he's testified in front of the U.S. Senate in support of recreation and conservation, and he was instrumental in the passage of the biggest package of new protections for public lands and waters--including more than 600 miles of new Wild and Scenic Rivers protections--in recent memory. Over the past few years, he more or less singlehandedly saved Ernie's Canyon--one of the best and gnarliest runs in the PNW--from being dammed.

In addition to being an incredibly effective advocate in his own right, Tom is incredibly gracious in sharing his expertise and helping his colleagues; he's been a huge inspiration to me personally, and he's someone I learn from constantly. Every kayaker--and every person who cares about wild rivers--is fortunate to have an advocate like Tom working on his or her behalf." - Louis Geltman 
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Serrasolses [ESP] Site Zed, Grand Canyon Stikine River, BC

Newman [FRA] Unleakable, Big Goose Creek, USA

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Serrasolses [ESP] Scott's Drop, North Fork American River, USA

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Aniol Serrasolses [ESP] inventing the 'Cobra Flip' and shocking the world with an amazing new trick for Downriver Freestyle!

Beth Morgan [GBR] STYLING out a MASSIVE kickflip !

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Jackson (USA) KY, Gladiator, Ottawa River, Canada

Levknecht (USA) KY, Nile Special, White Nile River, Uganda

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Aniol Serrasolses [ESP] with a mind bending feat of solo'ing the Grand Canyon of the Stikine and getting the fastest and highest descent of this magnificent canyon. SOLO !! For those who have never been or seen the Stikine River, this is every bit as impressive as Alex Honnold's solo ascent of El Capitan.

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Marr [CAN] goes for a GNARLY ride when stepping up to the BURLY Chutes d'Ursule on the Maskinonge River, CAN.

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Aniol Serrasolses fired up after he and Edward Muggridge (GoPro Photographer) ran this STOUT [Ram Falls, Ram River AB, CAN] !!

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Lachie [AUS] "I spend my life following the rivers of the world.
Bow Down."

Give this guy - Lachie Carracher a follow and for more of his sick content check out https://www.follow-the-river.com/ !!

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Knox Hammock completes the 2nd successful descent of World Record 186 foot Palouse Falls, Palouse River, USA. Tyler Bradt is the other World Record Holder and has the 1st successful descent of this massive drop!

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Galen [USA]

Squeezed between the Karakoram and Himalayan Mountain ranges of Pakistan lies the Rondu Gorge Section of the Indus River.
A true beauty and a true beast. This was our journey through the biggest gorge of our lives.

Paddlers - Sven Lämmler, Galen Volckhausen, Will Grubb, Will Griffith, Ben Johnston

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The South Ram River, near the small town of Nordegg, Alberta, stands out to a select group of kayakers because of a beautiful series of waterfalls spread throughout its canyon walls. The tallest waterfall on the river, Ram Falls, cascades nearly 100 feet to a pool below. For years, paddlers have visited the South Ram River to run the Class 5 canyon, but always opt to enjoy the view of Ram safely from the riverbanks. Three kayakers logged the first descent of Ram in 2012. Six years later, extremely low water levels forced Edward Muggridge to abandon his first attempt at Ram Falls. He all but gave up his dream to run this hundred-footer. Liam Fournier followed Edward Muggridge's journey to paddle 100-foot Ram Falls. Mentored by world-class kayaker, Aniol Serrasolses, Road to 100 takes us deeper into the attempts and the failures, the anxieties and the skills involved in successfully running massive waterfalls.

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