Expedition of the Year and Photographer of the Year

Going to the unexplored corners of planet earth, and pushing the sport to new limits in where kayaking or even being in areas with kayaks takes incredible fortitude.

Taking the crazy ideas and making them reality, that is expedition kayaking.


In order to get the beautiful imagery that is seen in Whitewater Kayaking, there is a lot of behind the scenes work, countless environmental factors, and challenges with accessibility. The folks working to show the world what goes on in our community deserve a big shoutout, because without their dedication and talent it would be impossible to describe the places we get to see and marvel at as paddlers.

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Currently run by the family’s third generation, Madawaska Kanu Centre was the vision of Christa & Hermann Kerckhoff. Winning the individual Canadian Whitewater Kayak Champion title in 1968 the couple was inspired to get more paddlers out on rivers. The first whitewater school in the world was born. Modeled after the European ski school concept where paddlers are divided into skill level groups, good food, and a great atmosphere led to the ‘Rapid Education’ we know as MKC today! The Madawaska River location became the river of choice with its technical rapids and guaranteed surface water releases providing warm whitewater all summer long.

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