2020 Grom of the Year

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The future of kayaking looks BRIGHT !!
Celebrating the most solid up and comer, age 18 and under, in the World of Kayaking !!

Jeremy Nash

Not a surprise with those he paddles with that at the young age of 18, he has been voted by his peers for a second year in a row as Grom of the Year. Taking downriver freestyle to new levels and pushing himself on the classics around the world.

Whitewater Awards: What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Jeremy Nash: A Geologist and river explorer probably, we’ll see what happens!

WA: Where did you grow up?
JN: At the base of the blue ridge escarpment paddling the Chattooga River between South Carolina and Georgia. Truly no place I’d rather call home.

WA: Where are you living currently?
JN: The Promised Land ^

WA: Someone in kayaking who has motivated you?
JN: I have been lucky enough to have a lot of mentors – all of KLCG, Bernie Engelman, Cole Moore, Anna Wagner, Michael Ferraro, Mac McGee, and Robbie Gilson.

WA: Someone outside kayaking that has motivated you?
JN: Buzz Williams and Nicole Hayler with the Chattooga conservancy!

WA: Who taught you to kayak?
JN: Originally my Dad then KLCG.

WA: When you were learning what was the scariest part?
JN: Watching EGthekilla lay treats on the TV and knowing I couldn’t do that.

WA: Planing or displacement hulls?
JN: Planing hulls cause they skip and surf better.

WA: What was / is the most fun you have paddling?
JN: Bombing Overflow laps this spring and slicing on the Chattooga has been unreal, but I’m still hooked on California from last summer!

WA: Do you have siblings? Do they kayak?
JN: I have a brother but he doesn’t paddle.

WA: Biggest feat / most stoked accomplishment in 2019 / 2020? In your entire career kayaking?
JN: Graceland was pretty astonishing for me last summer along with 3/5 on Royal. However, we have been getting dumped on in the southeast  allowing us to push the limits of how high we can run our home creek, Overflow. Other than these specific runs, I have been stoked with the downriver freestyle game from the past year!

WA: Best / most essential piece of gear?
JN: Me

WA: Favorite river to date? What river do you hope to get to in the future or are training for?
JN: This has always been a tough question. My top 3 are the Kern, Fantasy Falls, and the Chattooga. 

WA: What are your goals for 2021?
JN: I hope to keep doing what I’m doing – staying healthy and safe with the rivers I love. I hope to go to the Stikine this fall and explore BC/Alaska then I’ll figure it out from there! Big water is calling!

WA: Advice you’d give to other Groms wanting to step it up?!
JN: Don’t be stupid, if you aren’t 100% confident in your line then maybe reconsider. A line sometimes isn’t worth the risk of injury. You are young, enjoy it and always look to the future for the opportunities ahead!

WA: What high school do you / did you go to?
JN: I went to Rabun Gap Nacoochee School and Rabun County High School. Thank god I made it out!

WA: Something you’ve learned in Quarantine!
JN: The lake takeout of the Chattooga closed so we have been doing the hike out which is wayyyy better.

WA: Sponsor shoutouts?
JN: Pyranha and Kokatat 

WA: Something unique about you not many people know?!
JN: I used to do acrobatics but now I do yakrobatics.

WA: Thank you Jeremy!

Watch out for the next generation – they are all on FIRE ?
Give these kids a follow to see where kayaking is headed !!

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