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The future of kayaking looks BRIGHT !!
Celebrating the most solid up and comer, age 18 and under, in the World of Kayaking !!

Ava Christensen

18-year old Ava Christensen hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, but this firecracker has spent the last two years with World Class Academy, honing her skills including making- and eating- pie, dancing up a storm, and crushing it in a kayak, whether making the hard lines look easy or twirling around in her XXX. This might be her first Grom of the Year title, but keep your eyes on this one; her reign has only just begun. 

Whitewater Awards: Where are you from?
Ava Christensen: I am from Charlotte, North Carolina.

WA: Where do you currently live?
AC: I still live in Charlotte but am currently paddling around the PNW.

WA: What year are you in school?
AC: This is my senior year.

WA: What high school do you/did you go to?
AC: Currently attending World Class Kayak Academy.

WA: How long have you been kayaking?
AC: I first got in a boat when I was ten, but I didn’t really get into it until about four years ago.

WA: Do your parents kayak? If you have siblings, do they kayak?
AC: Nobody else in my family paddles.

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WA: How did you get into kayaking? Who taught you to kayak?
AC: I started out in kayak camps at the whitewater center in Charlotte, NC, the NOC, and the Keener program, but I have also learned a lot over the years from my friends.

WA: Someone in kayaking who has motivated you?
AC: The staff and students at World Class and my crew back home.

WA: Someone in kayaking whose style you think is sick?
AC: Nouria.

WA: What do you want to do professionally when you grow up?
AC: I’m pretty set on something in the environmental science field, but I’m not sure what yet.

Ava Christensen Grom of the Year 4

WA: Biggest feat or accomplishment you are most stoked on from 2020/2021 so far?
AC: This year included a lot of time on the water and a lot of moments that I was fired up on. I’m probably most stoked about getting my first lap down 37 different rivers or just getting more comfortable with steeper drops and bigger holes.

WA: Favorite piece of gear?
AC: My kayak.

WA: Favorite boat to date?
AC: Small Rewind (Dagger), for sure. 

WA: Favorite river you’ve ever paddled? A river you hope to get to in the future or that you’re training for?
AC: My favorite river is a close tie between the Quijos (Ecuador) and the Futaleufu (Chile). There’s a ton of rivers that I’m hoping to get on in the future… the LDub, the Jalacingo, more sections of the North Fork Payette, and the Wailuku all look incredible.

WA: What are your kayaking goals for 2021/2022? Goals outside of kayaking?
AC: I’d like to get on a lot more overnighters. Outside of kayaking, I’d like to experience a bunch of new places.

WA: Advice you’d give to other Groms?
AC: Get out there as much as possible and have a solid crew that you love to be around..

WA: Thank you Ava!

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Watch out for the next generation – they are all on FIRE ?
Give these kids a follow to see where kayaking is headed !!

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